Fragrance oils vs Essential Oils

Fragrance oils vs Essential Oils

Fragrance oils vs. Essential oil.  

Let's start by defining them.  Fragrance oils also known as aromatics are blended aroma compounds that can either be fully synthetic, a blend of synthetic and essential oils or a blend of essential oils. There is a misconception when people think of fragrance oils because they think of them as not being natural.  However good fragrance oils are throughly tested to be safe, often phlathate and paraben free as well as containing natural essential oils.

Fragrance oils are often used in candle making due to their ability to provide a strong concentrated scent that has been tested and safe to burn.  They often are less costly to use and sometimes are more sustainable than essential oils.

Essential oils are concentrated liquids, often containing volitile compounds from the essence of the plant.  They are extracted in different ways, either cold pressed, stream distillation or by solvent distillation.  They can be toxic if ingested or absorbed through the skin.  Essential oils often require a carrier oil to be safe for skin use. 

Some essential oils do not burn well and some are highly flammable when exposed to an open source flame. They emit an off odour when exposed to a burning wick.  Often essential oils in candles can have little to no cold and hot throw and degrade when exposed to high burn temperatures.

Essential oils as you can imagine are also very expensive and often are not an easily renewable source. For example, 250 pounds of lavender flower are needed for 1 pound of oil and 10,000 pounds of rose petals are needed for 1 pound of roses oil.  As well resources such as sandalwood, rosewood and cedarwood are listed as threatened species.

The benefit of essential oils are that they are all natural and better tolerated by people who have allergies or sensitivities.

There is no wrong choice when it comes to choosing a product such as a candle.  It really is personal preference for each individual.  Scented candles are great no matter what scented oil is used.

Our scented candles use fragrance oils, many of which do contain essential oils.  They are throughly tested to be safe when exposed to an open flame.

No matter what choice you make, sit back , relax and enjoy the room filled with the scent that you love.

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