Summer Essentials

Summer Essentials

Summertime is fast approaching and with it our love for all things outdoors.  Candles especially those that are scented with summer scents help create our enjoyment, whether it is in the backyard or camping.  They create the mood and vibe we want for those relaxing days.

An essential summer scent is of course citronella.  It has a pleasant citrus scent and helps keep those pesky bugs at bay.   Other scents remind us days at the beach, a fresh growing garden, fresh picked veggies and herbs from the garden or the scent of new blossoming flowers.

Candles are also a great way to decorate your backyard and table for al fresco dining.  Nothing is more relaxing than enjoying a meal with friends and family while candlelight is flickering on your table with a beautiful scent surrounding you.



If you are not a fan of candles burning, scented wax melts are another way to enjoy a scented patio and dining table.  Simply melt 1-2 pieces in your wax warmer and enjoy the pleasing scent of your choice.

Our candles are in metal containers which are great for travelling .  No need to worry about a glass jar breaking while your camping on even in the backyard.  Our citronella series is available in a mason jar as well for those who love vintage vibes.

Check out our Essential Summer Scents here for candles and wax melts and create your backyard memories 

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