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The Hype About Wax Melts

Wax melts have become very popular over the last several years. Most often referred to as wax melts or wax tarts, they are pieces of wax that are scented with fragrance or essential oils.

Wax melts are often sold in tart containers that contain anywhere from 2-3 ounces of wax.  Often now they are being seen molded into many different shapes and colours, becoming decorative.  Many people feel that the fragrance from a wax melt smells more concentrated than a traditional candle.

picture of wax melts in a container surrounded by rose petals


The process is simple, add 1-2 pieces of a wax melt into a warming container, add heat and allow the fragrance to infuse a room.

Wax melts are an ideal choice for people who have safety concerns with burning a candle that has an open flame, especially like by those that have children or pets.  They are a great alternative for many people who live in condos or apartments that have restrictions on burning candles.

So let's talk wax warmers.  They come in so many different styles that it is easy to find one that will complement your style at home.  They are either warmed by electricity or by a small tea light that is below the wax causing it to melt.


Some warmers are dual purpose where you can use wax melts in the provided dish or remove the top plate and place a candle on it and allow it melt. This is especially great if you have a candle that is almost burned with a small amount of wax left in the container.  You can enjoy the remaining scent of your candle when it can no longer be burned safely.

There is also the lamp warmer style.  These wax warmers look like small decorative lamps that melt the wax from the top instead of from beneath like the other types.

Some essential oils are know for emitting an off odour and becoming toxic when burned in a candle with a high heat flame.  Wax melts are great for adding scents that are from natural essential oils.  Since they do not have direct heat from a candle wick that is burning, the essential oils retain their scent and provide aromatherapy benefits making them an all natural alternative.

Wax melts can be made from any wax but the best wax is a scented soy wax.  Soy wax is renewable and sustainable and most often the packaging can be recycled which makes it also eco-friendly.


Essential information regrading wax melts

  • The ideal time frame to run the warmer is 4-5 hours.
  • The wax does not evaporate like it does in a candle.  
  • To change the wax, allow it to cool and harden then remove from the wax warmer.  Do not pour liquid wax down drains.
  • When you can no longer detect the scent then it is time to change the wax.
  • Scents from wax melts usually provide 8-10 hours of scent.
  • Caution should be taken when using wax melts around pets and children to avoid spills.  The wax is hot and can cause burns if accidentally spilled onto skin. 
  • Avoid touching the warmer when in use, it can be hot and possible burn skin.
  • If wax melts are stored in a cool, dark place and avoid direct sunlight, the scented wax melt can last for up to one year and retain its scent.
  • Scented wax melts are healthier as they do not produce soot.  As well if made from soy wax, they are an environmentally better choice since soy wax is renewable and sustainable with product packaging that can be recycled.

Our scented wax melts are are made with 100% Soy Wax that is renewable and sustainable.  Our fragrance oils are blended to provide you with a great sensory experience.

Now that we have got you excited about wax melts, Check out our collection of scented wax melts here




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